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ADU Construction Types

What Options Do I Have for an ADU in California?

stand alone unit construction options organic adu san diego

Stand-alone Unit

Add up to 1200 sqft as standalone structure on a new foundation for your California ADU.

home addition construction options organic adu san diego


Build on an addition of up to 1200 sqft for your California ADU.

garage conversion options organic adu san diego

Garage Conversion

Turn your California garage into an extra unit with living space.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important to Get Help with My ADU in California?

Many of our clients come to us with rough ADU ideas of what they want that may or may not be feasible to build. Many clients are not familiar with the approval process or assume that their property is unsuitable for an ADU. Other clients want to build ADUs that take full advantage of the square feet limits. Whatever your ADU concerns or questions may be, we are here to help with your projects.

If you are concerned about ADU impact fees, we can do some calculations to figure out how to fit them within your budget. You can speak to one of our ADU consultants to better understand the ADU building process. We help you through the entire process to make your ADU project seamless.

Are ADUs Legal in California?

ADUs, also known as “granny flats,” in California is part of an initiative managed by the California Department of Housing and Community Development to alleviate California’s lack of affordable dwelling opportunities. ADU’s were introduced to the state assembly and then passed and signed by the Governor’s Office to legally allow homeowners to build ADU’s. ADU state laws go through a regulatory process ultimately enforced by local agencies of cities and counties once they are implemented.

How Large An ADU Can I Build?
You can build a detached ADU of up to 1200 sqft and 24′ tall without any local discretionary approvals. Attached ADUs cannot exceed 50% of floor area of the main residence. If a local municipality creates their own ADU ordinance, it must permit an ADU of up to 850 sqft or 1,000 sqft for an ADU that contains more than one bedroom.
What Is A San Diego Accessory Dwelling Unit?
An ADU is an additional dwelling unit that could provide affordable housing options for family members, friends, students, the elderly, in-home health care providers, the disabled, and others.

In the past, an ADU was more likely to be called a granny flat in San Diego. In other parts of the country, the name “mother-in-law suite” is more commonly used. These structures are not part of the main floor plan, and they are more likely to be built as add-ons; in some cases, however, accessory dwelling unit builders are being contracted at the same time the main structure goes up. Prefab granny flats in San Diego are becoming more popular than swimming pools because they can provide an affordable housing solution. The bottom line for homeowners who hire ADU contractors is that they are looking to increase the value and utility of their properties.

How Many ADU's Can I Build?
New laws permit two ADUs on a single-family zoned property – one full Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and one Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU).
How Much Does It Cost to Build an ADU in California?

We get this question a lot, and the answer will depend on various factors. Suppose you have seen ADU costs quoted in a special report broadcast by NBC 7 or published by the San Diego Union-Tribune. In that case, you probably know that the average cost per square foot starts around $1200, but this is based on pre-designed plans, standard materials, and zero extra features to boost property value.

ADU projects requiring extensive customization and luxurious extras can easily cost more than $200 per square foot if they need custom architectural plans, quality construction materials, and amenities. Sundecks, EV charging points, smart home automation systems with appliances, rooftop solar panels, gourmet kitchens, natural stone worktops, exotic hardwood floors, and other luxuries are all available for an additional fee. We can help you calculate all the costs before the designing process to avoid any hidden fees.

The style of the main property predominantly influences the design and build of an ADU project. A Mediterranean revival home near the beach, for example, requires more than a prefab ADU; in this situation, it is best to fit the architectural style of the property, thus raising the project’s cost. Overall, the cost of an ADU will vary. To get a better estimate of what it might cost, contact Organic ADU to get started.


What Is A Junior ADU?
A Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) means a complete independent living facility that is no more than 500 sqft in size and contained entirely within an existing or proposed single-family home (think garage or spare bedroom). A JADU must have a separate exterior access, as well as a full bathroom and efficient kitchen. The kitchen must have a cooking facility with appliances and a food preparation counter and storage cabinets that are of reasonable size in relation to the size of the JADU.
Where On My Lot Can I Build?
Setbacks for new ADUs have been reduced for side and rear yards. No setbacks are required if an existing and permitted accessory structure is being converted. You may even remove an existing structure and replace it with a new ADU that matches its footprint, maintaining any pre-existing reduced setbacks (though any new addition must comply with setbacks)
How To Find An ADU Specialist Near Me?
When searching for ADU builders in San Diego, the experience and track record of the contractors is paramount. You want to deal with builders who specialize in ADU projects. A general contractor may be able to install a prefab ADU in San Diego easily. Still, only a dedicated specialist will be able to deliver a project that you can turn into an investment opportunity or a place your loved ones will enjoy living in. Simply entering “ADU builders near me” on an internet search engine will likely return many general contractors and only a few builders who can genuinely be called San Diego ADU contractors.
What Are The Benefits Of An ADU in California?

As a seasoned ADU contractor in San Diego, Organic ADU is the kind of specialist you want to retain for your project. We take pride in completing ADUs that people wish to move into within their property. Unlike other contractors who push prefab models and stick only to the pre-approved ADU building plans provided by the county, we work closely with homeowners to ensure that they can incorporate their vision and ideas into the project.

We are known to think of everything and pay close attention to detail. If you live in a subdivision where there are deed restrictions in architectural styles, we can undoubtedly comply. Some of our clients are so pleased with the results that they never end up renting the ADU; instead, they keep it for themselves or accommodate loved ones on extended visits.

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