ADUs Are Opening Up Housing Possibilities

ADUs Are Opening Up Housing Possibilities

New laws in California are making it simpler than ever to incorporate the addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU, to your home. ADUs are also known as in-law units or even granny flats. Whatever you call them, they’re defined as totally self-sufficient living units that share a lot with a single-family home. An accessory dwelling unit might be a stand alone structure, an addition, or even a garage conversion. A San Diego ADU specialist can help design, permit and build the ADU that fits your needs.

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State laws now permit ADUs, and most local departments are mandated to streamline their process for approvals. ADU specialists can help you keep up with energy-efficiency standards and building codes.

Homes are traditionally places of rest and entertainment. Now, they’re also asked to be spaces of work, exercise, play, prayer, and even school. ADUs offer needed flexibility that can help meet these new dynamics.

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The trend of working from home will likely stay and grow past what it was when we were forced into this societal shift. Open concept layouts of most modern homes don’t lend themselves to the new multi-purpose functions we demand of our homes. A backyard ADU, or a unit over the garage, can work as an independent office or even a home gym. With the proper scheduling, you could use it for both, ensuring that every family member enjoys some personal space and at least some sense of work-life balance.

Even without a global pandemic, multigenerational households started becoming trendy again in 2008. As many as 1 in 5 Americans live like this right now, to the tune of nearly 65 million citizens. This resurgence is partially motivated by young adults staying home. Economic reasons stimulate this, but there are also social benefits to staying close to the family too. All of this adds up to businesses like ADU specialists who work with ADU builders in San Diego.

Research indicates that many younger folks are looking ahead to the possibility of assisting their parents in their golden years. The family structure is a constantly shifting dynamic, so ADUs are possibilities for boomerang children that finish school but want to start a career back closer to home. Living in ADU gives them proximity and independence, helping them avoid rising rents piling on top of their student loans. They also don’t have to move far away to find affordable housing.

Adults with full-time careers and small kids can use an ADU in line with the nickname of ‘granny flat’ since grandparents can be around to help watch over the kids and yet still have a private space to retreat to whenever they need it.

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If you’re considering a new ADU for any of these reasons, then consult our project specialists at Organic ADU to find out your options, and we’ll find the right ADU contractor for your home!

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