Why Build A Mother-In-Law Suite?

Why Build A Mother-In-Law Suite?

When you build a mother-in-law suite in San Diego, you can bring your parents or other older relatives closer together by providing them with a sense of security and comfort. They can live minutes away yet still have their own space thanks to accessory dwelling units.

What Is A Mother In Law Suite?

This home addendum is a living space designed to house your in-laws. In other words, the indicated area is a valuable addition to an existing single family home. These areas are known as accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, in legal and real estate jargon.

ADUs should not be confused with spare guest rooms. This is because said structures must be equipped with their own foundation, suitable plumbing, a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and utilities.

However, though the unit is relatively independent of the primary residence, it cannot be viewed as separate property.

In Law Suite Types

A San Diego in-law suite is constructed to match four types: attached, detached, garage conversion, and interior.

Detached ADU’s are freestanding units fitted with plumbing lines, utilities, and entrances.

The attached dwellings share a wall with the main home but possess an independent foundation and utilities. Moreover, the unit cannot be accessed from the main house entrance.

Interior structures are often built inside a home’s basement or attic and function as apartments equipped with the amenities necessary for such dwellings.

Garage conversions can be any of the preceding examples but must still operate as its independent entity.

Benefits Of An In-Law Suite San Diego

With the ongoing California housing crisis and the emergence of an economic downturn, mother in law suites offer several crucial benefits, including:

Personal Touch

ADUs allow you to provide a home for your loved ones with a customized touch that best suits their needs and wants.With housing prices so high, you can offer your parents with a housing option that works for them within a budget.


An ADU makes it easier to not only take care of your parents or in-laws but also have them a few feet away from you. It’s a chance to send time together with your family by having them in your backyard.

Additional Support

Having your parents living so close can prove beneficial if you have children or pets.It’s a fantastic opportunity to enlist the help of your family while spending more time together. While providing a sustainable housing alternative for your family, your parents will have more time to spend with their grandchildren.

Building An In-Law Suite

Before you move forward to build an in-law suite cost is a factor to keep in mind before building a mother-in-law suite.


Building an in-law suite is more costly per square feet than a regular single family home. This is because of fixed costs related to permits and fees, utilities, plumbing,etc. However, the final cost varies depending if you require a detached suite verses and attached suite. There are pre-approved plan that can lower the final cost of the in-law suite.

The Building Process

The construction of an ADU must be done in regions within the zoning requirements for such projects. You are firmly urged to consult with local zoning boards as said constructions must meet all municipal zoning, fire codes, and parking regulations.

Ready To Begin?

Granted, the ADU planning and construction process can be daunting and confusing. However, if you are ready to take the next step, please contact us. We are an ADU construction company specializing in all aspects of the process and know how to make this dream a reality.

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